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Dear <<First Name>>,

We are excited to invite your organisation to participate in the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study, the largest ever research study on and for NFP organisations, and all their employees and volunteers.

The survey will inform NFP practice, policy, and funding on staff development, well-being, engagement, careers, productivity, and impact. We built it for the NFP sector to help people like you, organisations like yours, and those you support. It's for you! It now needs you.

Get FREE Workforce Analytics to better understand and manage your staff.

Empower your employees and volunteers via their own FREE Personal Analytics Report.

Advance the NFP sector as all findings will be shared for FREE.

The study is led by Learning for Purpose, the Centre for Social Impact, involving three Australian universities, and funded by the Australian Research Council. This is not a commercial survey.

LEARN MORE, PARTICIPATE, SHARE: learningforpurpose.org/study

FREE Workforce Analytics Dashboard for all NFP organisations (see live demo)
  • Get science-driven insights on all your employees and volunteers.
  • Understand 30+ key metrics that matter for people, performance and purpose.
  • Compare your relative position to NFP sector benchmarks to learn and improve.

FREE Personal Report for all NFP employees and volunteers (see example)
  • Obtain science-driven insights on your work life and experiences.
  • Understand your professional development, well-being and more.
  • Receive tips on becoming better, healthier and happier at work.

FREE actionable insights for the NFP sector to inform (see press coverage):
  • NFP Practice to enhance organisational leadership, capabilities and impact.
  • NFP Policy to increase efficiency and sustainability of the NFP sector.
  • NFP Funding to better invest in and convert NFP capacity building.

Your Next Steps

1. Participate and benefit learningforpurpose.org/study and FREE Workforce Analytics

2. Invite your employees and volunteers to participate: as many as you like - it's free!

3. Share through templates for Newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn #LearnForPurpose

More information learningforpurpose.org | PDF | 2min Video

Contact us [email protected] | (08) 6488 5353

We urge you to participate in this important study and sincerely thank you in advance for sharing the news! Please email or call us with any questions.

Kind regards,

Dr Ramon Wenzel, Director Learning for Purpose, Chief Investigator
Prof Paul Flatau, Director Centre for Social Impact, University of Western Australia
Prof Sharon Parker, Director Centre for Transformative Work Design, UWA
Dr Tim Bednall, Department of Management and Marketing, Swinburne University
Prof Karin Sanders, Head of School of Management, University of New South Wales

Learning for Purpose | Centre for Social Impact | The University of Western Australia
Learning for Purpose is an independent, non-partisan, national initiative to research and realise capability development in the Australian Not-for-Profit Sector.