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Your Personal Analytics Report

Let’s you measure, compare and reflect on your work experience, so you can better decide how to thrive.


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Enlightening! I am reflecting on my role, health, and motivation. A great way to refocus on the positive.
Krista Juritska, Nurse, Aged Care (NSW)

Thank you for sharing the details, most insightful. Appreciate that I can compare my data.

Any Collard, Team Lead, Social Services (QLD)

This report has put my role into perspective and indicates the areas for improvement or review. Thank you.

Jamie Nulsen, CEO, Housing (VIC)
This shows me that I’m quite happy with the work that I’m doing, yet must address my work/life balance.
Bec Ritter, Project Lead, Education (WA)
It helps me evaluate my standing and gives me ideas to improve my professional learning and practices.
Alvin Blaize, Fundraiser, Arts (TAS)

You work hard to have a positive impact. We understand what impacts you, and how to make work better. Organisational leadership, culture, and the total work experience have profound effects on our behaviour and performance as employees and volunteers. Leverage decades of organisational science to increase your self-awareness and identify areas for growth. Powered by the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study, we ask all the right questions to provide you with advanced analytics and actionable insights – for free.

More than 10,000 Not-for-Profit people benefit from their Personal Analytics. Perhaps you recognise some workplaces:


Complete the survey

Complete the online survey of the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study. Most people require 25 minutes, that’s about one lunch break. Your response is automatically anonymised and analysed. We do the number crunching. It’s that simple.


Access your report

Upon completion of the survey you are immediately presented your Personal Analytics Report with insights and suggestions on more than a dozen concepts: job satisfaction, work autonomy, professional development, wellbeing, and more.


Consider and keep

Consider the provided insights, benchmarks, and charts. Use the provided explanation to make your work better. You can reopen your report anytime and also print it. You may even share it to reflect with others on ways to more happiness and impact.

Get your Personal Analytics Report now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite there yet? Understand more and click on the questions below.

Technical details: How does this work?2019-08-19T01:53:02+08:00

The Personal Analytics Report functions for anyone who completes the online survey of the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study. Your responses are automatically anonymised, aggregated, and analysed. We use state-of-the-art cloud technology to store, secure and process the data. Your Personal Analytics Report is immediately available to you at the end of the survey.

For free: Why is there no cost?2019-08-19T02:00:26+08:00

The Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study and its Analytics functions are provided to you by Learning for Purpose, an initiative led by the Centre for Social Impact, the University of Western Australia. Support is provided by the Australian Research Council (Linkage grant LP140100245), EY, Australian Scholarships Foundation, and Australian Executor Trustees.

All partners are committed to making a meaningful impact at scale and understand that access and affordability are major barriers in the Not-for-Profit sector. We believe that addressing real challenges through outstanding research is advantageous to the real world. Using modern technology, we built the infrastructure and dramatically lowered the cost – it’s free.

Data & privacy: Is this safe?2021-11-12T12:23:24+08:00

Yes. Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study (HRE2021-0222) and only the academic research team has access to the information provided. This is not a commercial survey, we do not sell or share your information, not even with our partner organisations. Data is used for research purposes only, securely stored, strictly confidential and subject to legal restrictions.

No participating individual or organisation can be inferred from published information. Employers will never see if or what any specific employee or volunteer responded. Findings are reported anonymously, in aggregate form only in reports, scholarly articles, and applied dashboards so they can inform future Not-for-Profit practice, policy and funding.

What you provide is protected through state-of-the-art cloud technology. All information is treated as confidential and will not be released by the investigator in any form that may identify people or organisations, unless required by law.

Consent: Is participation voluntary?2017-07-13T12:35:28+08:00

Yes. Whilst everyone in the Australian Not-for-Profit sector is encouraged to have their say, participation is voluntary and entirely optional. When completing the survey, you can pass on any question you don’t wish to answer. You are also free to withdraw your consent and to discontinue participation at any time without any prejudice, contact: [email protected]

You may indicate your consent to participate in this research study simply by completing the survey. In doing so you confirm to have understood the information provided and any questions have been answered to your satisfaction. You may download a copy of all participant information here.

Questions: Can I speak to someone?2021-05-26T12:49:06+08:00

Absolutely! Please contact us: [email protected] or call 08 6488 5353

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