Inviting your staff is easy! Share this URL and encourage your employees and volunteers to participate by clicking on START SURVEY. They simply select your organisation as their workplace. It’s that simple.

Here are some templates you may wish to use. Just click on the icons.


The Workforce Analytics Dashboard requires a minimum of 5 responses from your staff. You will get the most robust and meaningful insights when 25% or more of your employees and volunteers participate.

It’s best to invite a cross-section of all organisational roles: (Top) your directors, executives, (Frontline) your case workers, doers, helpers, (In-between) your managers, professionals and so on. Why not invite them all, it’s free!

The Workforce Analytics Dashboard will show you how many of your staff completed the survey. This is informative, so you know when to encourage more staff to complete the survey. You can use the Workforce Analytics Dashboard with as many people as you like.