The Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study is the national research dedicated to the work experiences of employees and volunteers involved in the Not-for-Profit sector. It provides vital insights into the potential to improve people, organisations and impact. The study will:

  • Help Not-for-Profit organisations retain, engage and develop their people by making work better.
  • Improve workforce health, engagement, development, happiness, among other.
  • Establish credible and useful evidence to inform people, policy, funders and organisational practice.

The findings will be freely shared to inform Not-for-Profit practice, policy, and funding. The study’s outcomes involve:

  • Increased attention and attitude toward the Not-for-Profit workforce – you.
  • Engaged organisations and leaders who adopt evidence-based practices for making work better.
  • Informed funders and policy makers who use evidence to invest into a successful and sustainable workforce and sector.

Participation is open until 31st March 2021.