The Workforce Analytics Dashboard brings your organisational data to life. The data is generated through participation in the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study. It is the most comprehensive research study of its kind on and for Not-for-Profit organisations, and their employees and volunteers working at all levels. Findings will be freely shared.

The people behind this research are established scholars at renowned Australian academic institutions. There is no commercial interest. The remit is to apply scientific principles and evidence to the challenges and opportunities of the Not-for-Profit workforce to inform people, practice, policy and funding.

There is a history of research. Dialogue with Not-for-Profit organisations, leaders, funders, peak bodies, and HR professionals did inform the study and the dashboard. It’s all designed to meet both scholarly rigor and applied needs. We envision this to continue into the future, so you can use this for as long as you like, again and again.

Did we mention it’s free?