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The more people who participate in Australia’s first Not-for-Profit Workforce Study, the more representative and useful the results will be for growing people, organisations, and their impact. Please share the opportunity with people you know and for the weekly chance to win a $100 donation. All details below.

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Win $100: How does it work?

We admire the work you do and appreciate your time for this important research. So we give back to help a little. Each week of this survey we will donate $100 to a good cause of your choice – yes, that can be your own charity. To enter the random draw, five or more people from your organisations must complete the survey and provide name, email address, and organisational name whilst doing so.

Each week, the Learning for Purpose Initiative will randomly select one eligible person and make a A$100 donation to one Australian registered charity on behalf of the lucky one. We will share the luck with the community, for instance by using social media to announce the sender and recipient of the donation.

Now tell others.