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Changing the Nature and Narrative of Capacity Building

The leadership and management of not-for-profit employees and volunteers, using evidence-based practice and people analytics, must be acknowledged as the key to maximising impact and positive change.

The Australian NFP Sector and Workforce is large, diverse and vital to our social and economic fabric

Challenges & Trends continue to dramatically affect NFP operations and their people

High Impact Organisations think of employees and volunteers as strategic territory

The Total Work Experience is a system of influences that affect workers and their impact

The Case for Evidence is about commiting to science and reasoning as vehicles for greater impact

Evidence-based Practice ought to become the default for those leading people and purpose

People Analytics help leaders validate claims, prioritise resources, and enhance mission success

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Highlights: the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study

The most basic and practical way to understand what drives high-impact organisations is to render the total work experience transparent in terms of its determinants, processes, and outcomes.

Performance is about impact, goes by many names and indicators, and can be measured

Engagement psychologically connects workers with their work, and thus drives impact

Learning from, at, and for work is one of the most central tenets for realising positive change

Capabilities and Gaps illustrate what NFP skills are key to impact, and what remains to be done

Wellbeing is a strategy and responsibility so workers are and stay in shape to make a difference

Leadership that cares for and empowers others to lead themselves, leads to phenomenal outcomes

Work Design is the hidden magic lever to realise individual and organisational success

People Systems that actually meet workers needs, will indeed help them get the work done

Put It All Together

So What? The future of the Australian NFP sector is not predetermined. Building capacity and cultivating high impact organisations takes everyone. You can make a start today.

A Bigger Vision. Let us be bold and re-envision what else we can do to build a thriving NFP sector. You are invited to shape the conversation and come on board.