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Action Learning for Purpose Program

A unique program to accelerate Not-for-Profit individual-organisational development.

Think, act and reflect to develop actionable knowledge and realise an actual challenge for more impact.





It is challenging for Not-for-Profit organisations to equip themselves with knowledge and skills that are relevant, timely, and applicable. Realising bold visions often requires to transcend organisational roles, routines and hierarchies. The Action Learning program recognises that many trainings and gurus do not result in actual growth and lasting change.


The Action Learning program empowers Not-for-Profit organisations and their formal and informal leaders to explore new solutions and increase their impact. It is a platform of different learning experiences grounded in science: expert talks, workshops, virtual meet-ups, self-direction. It is available to diverse cohorts and as highly bespoke design.


Planned and actual organisational change cannot be separated from individual learning. So you and your peers will develop state-of-the-art expertise and confidence by solving a real organisational problem you own. We provide the environment in which to safely think, act, and reflect. What you learn can be adapted to almost any given problem and context at hand.

A great interactive program for leaders to understand and learn about organisational challenges and how to systematically address and respond to those challenges.

Participant Reflection, 2016,

Experts from the field and candid discussions about the challenges ahead.

Participant Reflection, 2016,

I learnt to be more reflective in my questioning and not jump to solutions too quickly.

Participant Reflection, 2016,
An invaluable chance to step away from everyday work and think about what we need to do to achieve our purpose.
Participant Reflection, 2016,

This program provides a space and tools for your team to step away from the day-to-day to address a key strategic problem.

Participant Reflection, 2016,

We have learnt and adopted the action learning process into our routine planning and communications.

Participant Reflection, 2016,

An effective approach and program that helped us as team and organisations to define, improve, and obtain vital outcomes.

Participant Reflection, 2016

Explore and decide on a challenge that presents a real, strategic opportunity to add value to the community. Engage in a course of action and learning that realises the full potential of this opportunity.

Use your challenge to become and prepare others to be change-makers. Integrate state-of-the art knowledge with your own experiences to generate powerful leadership that guides people, organisations, and communities.

Work towards your challenge by developing a sustainable funding plan. Explore new forms of financial resources, enhance traditional fundraising, and develop a step-by-step action plan that works.

Challenge yourself and others to gain and sustain the competencies for addressing your challenge. Embrace evidence-based practices that transform and develop talent, implement continuous learning, and foster knowledge sharing to realise social change.

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    What is the ‘Action Learning for Purpose’ program?2017-02-07T14:55:59+08:00

    The Action Learning fur Purpose program is an intensive learning experience for highly motivated Not-for-Profit leaders and their organisations who seek to make a bigger difference for the community they serve. The program is a hybrid approach to developing individuals, teams, organisations, and a particular project of your choice.

    The program provides community sector leaders and their organisations with the unique opportunity to engage in systematic learning and doing – away from the hectic routines and obligations. It provides resources and support that guide your goals, their implementation, and crucial reflection processes. And it connects people from within and across organisations.

    How does it work?2017-05-30T22:16:17+08:00

    Action Learning is based on the principle that the most effective learning takes place when participants access state-of-the-art thinking and tools that they immediately seek to apply to solve their real-world problems.

    By grouping learners both within and across organisations to share experiences and knowledge about real organisational problems the Not-for-Profit sector faces, the program builds collective leadership capacity that will facilitate the implementation of positive organisational and sector change.

    The program is typically spaced over about four months and interaction in the classroom are as important as personalised goal-setting exercises, virtual meet-ups, and ongoing reflection to realise growth and the implementation of change. The full program involves six full-day on-site sessions, and at least 2 hours personal time to be invested each week.

    Who is this for?2017-05-30T22:17:52+08:00

    The program caters to Australian Not-for-Profit organisations. Typically between 3-5 participants represent their organisation and submit a single application that outlines the challenge they own.

    The learning journey is designed to nurture collective leadership capacity: you will work closely with fellow learners from your own and other organisations to bring about change and more positive impact. The program suits a range of positions with influence, including: CEO; Director; Executive, General, Senior Manager; Human Resource Director. Individuals with influence in less formal positions are still strongly encouraged to apply by demonstrating the impact they can have.

    What happens 2018?2017-05-30T22:15:01+08:00

    From 2016-17 the program was proudly supported by BHP Billiton and 25 Not-for-Profit organisations greatly benefited.

    We are currently seeking resources for the continuation of the Action Learning for Purpose program so it can be offered again. Interested to become a sponsor or know someone? Please let us know.

    We also design highly bespoke Action Learning experiences for Not-for-Profit organisations or philantrophic entities. To discuss, please contact us.

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