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Everyone in Australia benefits from the great work of services addressing the misuse of alcohol and other drugs (AOD). There are special people who make it all happen: leaders and managers who show vision and empower staff to deliver important services.

To ensure an optimal future for the AOD sector and the communities and families it serves, the people who lead and manage AOD organisations must be heard and understood.

Can you give 1 hour to an interview?

Participate. It’s for the sector. It’s for you!


The AOD Sector LEADER & MANAGER Interview Study is a research study purposefully designed to understand and enhance the careers, work experiences and capabilities of leaders and managers who work for an AOD sector organisation in NSW, VIC or ACT. The study is part of an applied research partnership between Curtin University, The Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA), and the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA).

Findings are reported anonymously, in aggregate form only to inform AOD sector leaders, policy, funding priorities, and organisational practice. Want to understand more details? Please consult the FAQ below or download all information as PDF.


Leaders and managers – by role or self-identified – who operate across the AOD sector in NSW, VIC and ACT are invited to one 1 hour interview by phone. Taking part in the research is voluntary.

Please simply email us if you are interested to take part in this research. We will then contact you, provide more information, and answer any question you may have.

The research is approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of Curtin University (HRE2021-0222). Interview data is used for research purposes only, securely stored, strictly confidential and subject to legal restrictions.

Want to discuss with your boss, board, or buddy? Download all information as PDF.


CAPABILITIES > What does a leader in the AOD sector do? What knowledge and skills are essential to be succcesful?

CAREER > What helps and hinders people to step into AOD sector leader roles? What should a better future look like?

WORK > What are typical work experiences that are very challenging? How could the work of AOD sector leaders be better supported?


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This study: What are the goals?2021-07-13T10:31:50+08:00

Providing quality programs and services that reduce alcohol and other drug (AOD) related harms to communities requires a capable, healthy and motivated workforce. The research purpose is to better understand, prioritise and enhance sector capacity to attract, develop, engage and retain the non-government AOD workforce in NSW and VIC. The research studies how leaders and managers experience work, professional development opportunities, and careers challenges. The research findings will build an evidence base for improving organisational and governmental policy and practice, to create good quality work for all. Accordingly, increased awareness and implementation of evidence-based findings about the AOD sector workforce will benefit AOD services and the communities and people they serve.

The interview: What to expect?2021-06-30T09:22:13+08:00

Participating involves completing one 1-on-1 interview with a trained academic researcher during a time that is convenient for you. The interview can take up to 60 minutes and will be via phone or Microsoft Teams. Typical interview questions relate to you and your work experience, which way you feel about your job, what you think about the future, which skills you need most, and so on.

Ethical approval: Is this legitimate?2021-06-30T09:47:45+08:00

Yes. Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study (HRE2021-0222). For any questions, please contact the lead researcher by email at [email protected] or call 08 9266 3341. Should you wish to discuss the study with someone not directly involved, in particular, any matters concerning the conduct of the study or your rights as a participant, or you wish to make a confidential complaint, you may contact the Ethics Officer on (08) 9266 9223 or the Manager, Research Integrity on (08) 9266 7093 or email [email protected]

Consent: Is participation voluntary?2021-07-02T21:48:24+08:00

Yes. Whilst the research encourages leaders and managers in the AOD sector to have their say, participation is voluntary and entirely optional. When completing the interview, you can pass on any question you don’t wish to answer. You are also free to withdraw your consent and to discontinue participation at any time without any prejudice, contact: [email protected]

If you decide to take part in this research, we will ask you to sign this consent form. By signing, it is telling us that you understand what you have read and what has been discussed. Signing the consent indicates that you agree to be in the research project. Please take your time and ask any questions you have before you decide what to do. You will be given a copy of this information and the consent form to keep.

Researchers: Who is behind this?2021-06-30T09:44:45+08:00

The AOD Workforce Study: NGO Insights 2021 and the AOD Leader and Manager Interview Study are led by Dr Ramon Wenzel, founding Director of Learning for Purpose and Senior Lecturer at the School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University.

This study is funded by and realised in partnership with The Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA) and The Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA); the peak organisations for the nongovernment alcohol and other drugs sector (AOD) in NSW, ACT and VIC. Indirectly, the Australian Government Department of Health and the Victorian Department of Health also contributed funding for the project.”

Only anonymous and aggregate findings will be publicly shared. No other data or responses collected through this research will be made available to any partner or funding organisation.

Data & privacy: Is this safe?2021-06-30T09:26:49+08:00

Yes. The study is conducted by a research team at Curtin University, led by Dr Ramon Wenzel. The research and analytics are approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee, Curtin University (HRE2021-0222). Only the academic research team has access to the information provided. This is not a commercial study, your responses are not sold or directly shared, not even with the research partner organisations NADA and VAADA. Data is used for research purposes only, securely stored, strictly confidential and subject to legal restrictions.

No participating individual or organisation can be inferred from published information. Employers will never see if or what any specific employee or volunteer responded. Findings are reported anonymously, in aggregate form only in reports, scholarly articles, and applied dashboards so they can inform future AOD sector practice, policy and funding.

What you provide is protected through state-of-the-art cloud technology. All information is treated as confidential and will not be released by the investigator in any form that may identify people or organisations, unless required by law.

Questions: Who to contact?2021-07-12T11:56:12+08:00

For any queries, please contact the lead researcher Dr Ramon Wenzel: [email protected]


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