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Your Workforce Analytics Dashboard

  • Free to all Australian Not-for-Profit organisations

  • Science-driven insights on your people, performance, purpose

  • Updates automatically, scales to infinity, intuitive to use

Assess how well your organisation and people are doing

Understand 30+ key metrics important to your workforce, organisation, and impact

Compare your position relative to other Australian Not-for-Profit organisations


Assess how well your organisation and people are doing

Understand 30+ key metrics important to your workforce, organisation, and impact

Compare your position relative to other Australian Not-for-Profit organisations

More than a Dashboard, A Powerful Analytical Tool


Ridiculously Easy to Use, Requires No Setup


Truly Fast & Economical, Understand Your Staff Now


Will Only Get Better, Even More Features Coming


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All responses from your staff are automatically anonymised, aggregated, and analysed. It’s always up-to-date, and free.

Access to the Workforce Analytics Dashboard is password protected and reserved to organisational members with functional responsibilities that legitimise the use of aggregate staff information to support their people and purpose.

Typically that includes an organisation’s CEO, Chair of Board, and the Human Resource function. Others may apply.

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Invite your staff

The Workforce Analytics Dashboard requires your staff to complete the online survey of the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study.

You require just 5 responses from your employees or volunteers; 25% or more staff response rate give you the most meaningful insights.

Invite a cross-section of all organisational roles: (Top) your directors, executives, (Frontline) your workers, doers, helpers, (In-between) your managers, professionals.

Why not invite them all, it’s free! Use the templates and click on the icons below.


Use and learn

Your Workforce Analytics Dashboard provides you with insights and interactive charts for more than 30 key metrics relating to your people, performance, and purpose.

You are given explanation and guidance on the interpretation and implication of the findings for your organisation.

All responses are provided to realise the full potential of your people and purpose. Use the Analytics in the spirit to learn, inform, enable and improve.

It’s that simple, nothing to set up or install.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical details: How does this work?2017-07-06T23:50:07+08:00

The Workforce Analytics Dashboard functions for your organisation regardless if it employs hundreds or comprises a few volunteers. When completing the Not-for-Profit Workforce Study, your staff select from or add your organisation to a very comprehensive list and simply designate it as their workplace.

Their responses are automatically anonymised, aggregated, and analysed. We use state-of-the-art cloud technology to store, secure and process the data. The Workforce Analytics Dashboard is immediately in sync with all complete responses from your staff.

At any time you may register to access the Workforce Analytics Dashboard. We will make sure you are indeed you and eligible for access. You will then receive an email with a unique code required to access the Workforce Analytics Dashboard that represents your organisation.

Eligibility: Is this for us?2017-07-27T17:23:42+08:00

The Workforce Analytics Dashboard is available for free to all Not-for-Profit organisations with a base in Australia.

This includes registered charities, associations, professional or trade groups, social clubs, amateur sports and recreation organisations, among other. You may check if your organisation is classified as a Not-for-Profit by the Australian Taxation Office.

You are eligible if your organisation is based in Australia, even if the majority of your employees and volunteers carry out their work overseas. If in doubt, contact us.

For free: Why is there no cost?2017-07-17T15:48:29+08:00

The Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study and its Analytics functions are provided to you by Learning for Purpose, an initiative led by the Centre for Social Impact, the University of Western Australia. Support is provided by the Australian Research Council (Linkage grant LP140100245), EY, Australian Scholarships Foundation, and Australian Executor Trustees.

All partners are committed to making a meaningful impact at scale and understand that access and affordability are major barriers in the Not-for-Profit sector. We believe that addressing real challenges through outstanding research is advantageous to the scholarly and applied world. Using state-of-the-art cloud technology, we built the infrastructure and dramatically lowered the cost – it’s free.

Unique value: How is this different?2017-07-17T16:07:02+08:00

The Workforce Analytics Dashboard brings your organisational data to life. The data is generated through participating in the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study: the largest ever research study on and for Not-for-Profit organisations, and their employees and volunteers working at all levels. Findings will be freely shared.

The people behind this research are established scholars at renowned Australian academic institutions. There is no commercial interest. The vision is to bring scientific principles and evidence to the challenges and opportunities of the Not-for-Profit workforce to inform practice, policy and funding.

There is a history of research and dialogue with Not-for-Profit organisations, leaders, funders, peak bodies, and HR professionals did inform the study and the dashboard. It’s all designed to meet both scholarly rigor and applied needs. We envision this to continue into the future, so you can use this for as long as you like, again and again.

Did we mention it’s free?

Invite staff: How and how many to invite?2017-07-07T11:13:48+08:00

Inviting your staff is easy! Share this URL and encourage your employees and volunteers to participate by clicking on START SURVEY.

Here are some templates you may wish to use. Just click on the icons.


The Workforce Analytics Dashboard requires a minimum of 5 responses from your staff. You will get the most robust and meaningful insights when 25% or more of your employees and volunteers participate.

It’s best to invite a cross-section of all organisational roles: (Top) your directors, executives, (Frontline) your case workers, doers, helpers, (In-between) your managers, professionals and so on. Why not invite them all, it’s free!

The Workforce Analytics Dashboard will show you how many of your staff completed the survey. This is informative, so you can decide whether to encourage more staff to complete the survey. You can use the Workforce Analytics Dashboard with as many people as you like.

Data & privacy: Is this research safe?2017-07-08T02:12:32+08:00

Yes. This study is approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee (University of Western Australia RA/4/1/8885) and only the academic research team has access to the information provided. This is not a commercial survey, we do not sell or share your information, not even with our partner organisations. Data is used for research purposes only, securely stored, strictly confidential and subject to legal restrictions.

No participating individual or organisation can be inferred from published information. Employers will never see if or what any specific employee or volunteer responded. Findings are reported anonymously, in aggregate form only in reports, scholarly articles, and applied dashboards so they can inform future Not-for-Profit practice, policy and funding.

What you provide is protected through state-of-the-art cloud technology and the UWA Institutional Research Data Store. All information is treated as confidential and will not be released by the investigator in any form that may identify people or organisations, unless required by law.

Questions: Who to contact?2017-07-08T02:11:54+08:00

For any queries related to this research, please contact: [email protected]

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