Building For-Purpose Organisation

Capacity, Culture & Capability

Informed by Science.
Driven by Data.
Inspired by Humans.



To improve the impact and efficiency of the For-Purpose sector, our research is designed to make work better. We conduct studies and reviews that examine what works, for whom, why and at what cost.

By leveraging decades of organisational science and advanced analytics, we share credible and useful evidence to transform thought and practice of leaders, funders, and policy makers.

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Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study

The most comprehensive research study of its kind: on and for Not-for-Profit organisations, and their employees and volunteers working at all levels. Designed to understand and share freely the most effective means for leading people, performance, and purpose.

  • Identifying and sharing what matters most to make Not-for-Profit work better

  • Establishing credible and useful evidence to inform people, policy and practices

  • Charting opportunities to attract, retain, develop and motivate the best talent


We build resources for humans. Today’s best leadership takes advantage of organisational science and people analytics to strategically align work practices and organisational culture that aid objectives, sustainability and impact.

Get actionable insights from your workforce data to help optimise your time and funds. Let evidence inform your decisions that reduce costs and increase productivity.
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Workforce Analytics for Your Organisation – FREE!

You tell your people what to do. We tell you how they do, and how to make them and work better. We provide you with the most comprehensive staff survey and advanced analytics – for free. It is built so you can ask all the right questions, discover the insights you need, and empower your people and purpose.

  • 30 Key metrics to help you retain, develop, and engage your people

  • Sector benchmarks, automatic analyses, no setup, available now

  • Informed by science | Driven by data | Inspired by humans


The right knowledge, skills, and abilities make Not-for-Profit employees and volunteers more effective in their roles, and this facilitates organisational sustainability and impact.

By using the science on learning to put the latest evidence into practice, we design, deliver, advise, evaluate, and help resource activities that build the key capabilities you need.

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Action Learning for Purpose

Join the revolution and accelerate individual and organisational development through action learning. Aquire evidence-based tools and processes that facilitate the solution of real-world problems. Learn how to co-design and collaborate within and across organisations.

  • Decompose and address an organisational challenge and transform it into impact

  • Learn and transfer action learning behaviours rooted in research, translated to practice

  • 83 Not-for-Profit organisations action learned with us, follow into their footsteps

Learning for Purpose is an independent, non-partisan, national initiative to build the capacity, culture and capability in For-Purpose organisations.

We leverage organisational science and modern analytics for credible evidence that helps For-Purpose organisations attract, retain, develop, and motivate the best people.

The initiative is led out of Curtin University, School of Management in collaboration with the not-for-profit sector, social enterprises, other universities, government partners, industry and philanthropists.